Sticky Kitty: A Miniature World of Cute Paper Cats (Paperback)

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The Internet has decided: Cats are the best thing ever. And now, with Sticky Kitty, you can populate the world with your own teeny-tiny pop-up cats, all cut out of Post-It notes!

Sticky Kitty is full of templates, instructions, and ideas for making a three-dimensional miniature cat cosmos out of basic office supplies. You’ll learn the high art of tracing cat silhouettes onto Post-Its and cutting them out with a craft knife, plus masterfully arranging them, sticky edge down, so that they adorably perch wherever they please—just like real cats do! Sticky Kitty also includes templates for easy-to-assemble, charming paper dioramas where you and your new and mewing friends can hang out.
There are tons of kitty silhouettes to choose from: Persian, Scottish Fold, Siamese, American shorthair, Russian blue, and more. These kitties—and many other kitties—can be yours!

Additional projects include:
Kitties hiding in potted plants  Kitty-bedecked envelopes and gift packages  Kitty party garlands  Kitty pop-up cards  Kitty shadowboxes  Kitty manors  Kitty tunnel books

About the Author

Sticky Kitty is the creation of popular Japanese papercraft site, Killigraph. On their site, they provide tons of cheerful, simple silhouette templates for ballerinas, puppies, zoo animals, toy soldiers, people going about their daily business, soccer players, and more, along with miniature sets for the paper people to play in. They’ve created numerous craft books for the Japanese market and lead workshops in papercraft.

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ISBN: 9781616288051
ISBN-10: 1616288051
Publisher: Weldon Owen
Publication Date: October 21st, 2014
Pages: 96
Language: English