Back To Now (Paperback)

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While unconscious from a blow to her head, 16-year-old Kate's mind travels back to 1946. She takes over the body of 19-year-old Holly after Holly suffers amnesia from a blow to her head.

Kate copes with Holly's life, caring for a young child, her husband and other family. After Holly shares with her mom about who she is in her mind, the

family bands together to understand what happens to Holly. They love her and everyone prays that Holly will regain her memory.

Kate wakes up, from being unconscious for 56 hours. She has a vivid memory of being Holly in 1946. In conversations with her family she shares her

memory. Determination propels Kate to search for Holly. Every sense of Kate's being tells her Holly still lives.

Kate finds Holly. They meet and become friends. Wonder awaits Kate on the first day at her university.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781629672311
ISBN-10: 1629672319
Publisher: Cathleen Ellis
Publication Date: February 14th, 2022
Pages: 144
Language: English