Dark Seduction and Persuasion Tactics: The Simplified Playbook of Charismatic Masters of Deception. Leveraging IQ, Influence, and Irresistible Charm i (Paperback)

Dark Seduction and Persuasion Tactics: The Simplified Playbook of Charismatic Masters of Deception. Leveraging IQ, Influence, and Irresistible Charm i By Emory Green Cover Image
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Yes, You Can Seduce Almost Anyone - You Just Need To Know These Tricks

You've tried every pickup line you could find on the internet.

You've filled your closet with all kinds of sexy clothes.

You've spent hours in front of the mirror practicing seductive poses.

You've tried being nice, being mean, being hard to get...

But you keep getting rejected.

At the same time, that short bald guy next door is getting married to a beautiful woman.

And that recently divorced mom of three already has a new boyfriend.

Why do some people manage to attract lovers without even trying... while YOU keep failing?

You see, seduction is a fine art - it's persuasion at its finest, spiced up with a little bit of manipulation. It may look subtle and spontaneous, but the best seducers always plan their interactions strategically - like a general would plan a military conquest. Seduction is much more than just wearing certain clothes, smiling, or repeating pickup lines you found somewhere else. It's about carefully reading the person in front of you, approaching them with genuine interest, and using one of those secret tricks to trigger that spark between you.

Luckily for you, seduction isn't a talent you're born with. It's a set of skills that you can master from scratch if you learn the right strategies and get enough practice - and it doesn't matter how good-looking or fit you are.

Dark Seduction And Persuasion Tactics is yet another groundbreaking book by renowned psychologist Emory Green. Insightful and painfully honest, it will help you see why your current seduction tactics didn't really work - and what to do instead.

As you go through this book, you will:
  • Gain a deep understanding of men's and women's psychology
  • Read men's and women's body language like an open book
  • Discover nine types of seducers and find YOUR type
  • Learn how to trigger emotional attraction in almost anyone
  • Get to know the phases of seduction and useful tactics for each phase
  • Master the Shogun method and other devious mind control tricks
  • Apply your new persuasion skills in other settings such as work and business

You don't have to be good-looking to be an excellent seducer. Yes, good looks can attract attention - but body language and exquisite persuasion tactics are far more important. This book will help you become irresistible no matter what your face and body look like.

Will your new seduction skills turn you into a ruthless manipulator? It's true that persuasion skills can be misused to deceive, manipulate, and control people... but if you're uncomfortable with the dark side of seduction, you can stick to the more "innocent" (but still effective) persuasion strategies.

Are you ready to start a new life full of dazzling romantic adventures?

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Publication Date: October 3rd, 2020
Pages: 126
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