Unlocking the Prophecy of Ruth (Paperback)

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Spiritual Survival Beyond 2020 to the Coming Apocalypse The Book of Ruth is rife with prophetic symbolism. Within four short chapters, we find a hidden narrative of end time events. Ruth is the story of the harvest in Bethlehem. As Jesus foretold, the harvest represents the division and judgment of the last days. In the chapters leading up to "Ruth" we read the account of "the Levite's Concubine." Her tragic tale foretells the destruction of Jerusalem in 70-71 A.D. Even as her corpse was divided in 12 pieces and scattered throughout the land, Israel's 12 tribes would be divided and scattered abroad across the earth. As the book of Ruth opens, a widow named Naomi is making a homecoming. Her return to her native homeland echoes the return of the Jewish people to the promised land in 1948. The threshing floor shows the dividing of the wheat and highlights the current fighting and division happening today on the streets of America and the world. In our story, we witness the gentile bride Ruth meet and become betrothed to her redeemer, Boaz. The Marriage of Ruth and Boaz literally enacts the "Marriage Supper of the Lamb" in the book of Revelation. Even as their marital union uncovers the mystery of the Rapture, so also "Unlocking..." reveals hidden details, like "the scarlet thread" or rope of Rahab. It's blessed hope echoes the blood of Jesus, our Passover lamb. Even as that red rope marked those who would be spared, so the Rapture itself will separate the saved believers from those unsaved souls who will be left behind to face the coming judgment. In a bold timeline of events, "Unlocking..." opens biblical prophecies that reveal the Coronavirus, civil unrest, war in the Mideast and a future shaking of storms and earthquakes beyond 2020.

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Publication Date: June 28th, 2021
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