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The book Enchanté which is French for 'pleased to meet you,' is a collection of short boy meets girl stories that take place in Nigeria and the United States. The writer explores the beginning of romantic relationships, while weaving events around people from diverse cultural backgrounds. The characters in these stories meet for the first time - some in unlikely circumstances - and were able to form love connections. A number of these couples hit it off right away. However, there were those who started off disagreeing, but eventually became friends, with the hope of becoming much more. The chapters in the book represent each story. Their unique experiences leave readers anticipating the qualities to expect from the characters in the stories that follow. This is a feel-good book that will appeal to various demographic groups, as it contains stories that most people can relate with.

About the Author

Adebukola Afolabi was born in Nigeria, where she spent the greater part of her education. She later traveled abroad to pursue a master's degree. Growing up, she had immersed herself into reading novels and books of various genres, by way of educating herself on human thoughts and interactions. These fascinating stories - most of which were fictional writings - birthed a desire in her to write.
Following past writing attempts of short pieces and blog posts, the dream of writing a complete book became a reality in 2020. As the world was, and is still plagued by uncertainties, she was able to draw strength from the pleasant experiences of the characters in her book. This saw her through completing this book, as well as trying to live through these times.
In recent years, she worked with a French company. During her employment, her love for French grew, which led to a renewed decision to learn the language further. Her mastery of French improved, and she felt inspired to give her book the French title 'Enchanté.'

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ISBN: 9781667830773
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Publication Date: April 29th, 2022
Pages: 200
Language: English