The Sparkling Eye: An American novel with a surprising foreign flavor (Paperback)

The Sparkling Eye: An American novel with a surprising foreign flavor By Jack Gaskill Cover Image
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The Sparkling Eye story unfolds as Bill Donovan and Pam Jefferies develop a flaming love affair in Philadelphia. As their new relationship develops, they discover that they both have serious problems to overcome. Their combined problems include Pam's eerie family history and Bill's faltering career path. Both had already been experiencing these problems by the time they first met several months before. When Bill and Pam start searching for answers to their problems, they quickly realize that their combined problems are just too large for them to handle alone. It is imperative and quite necessary for them to put their problems behind as swiftly as possible, and they realize that they need help. They desperately start looking for that help and support.

During their process of discovery, they find a new family of friends, all facing similar problems. When contacted, they all turn out to be eager to become more than just strong supporters and are soon to join forces. In addition, they all become very dear friends. Once they had agreed to join forces with their new family of friends and allies, they become an army intent on putting a stop to all their combined real life-threatening problems.

As time passes, they uncover numerous bloodcurdling surprises, which include shocking setbacks and death-threatening events. Their newly developed family has acquired many important and useful professional talents through their lives, which would help in their joint causes. They all have the desire to work together for mutual success in making much better lives for all.

Our story starts in Philadelphia and develops throughout the United States, with a strong element of foreign intrigue. It presents many scary and surprising situations, which invade the new family's lives. Their foreign threat encounters cloud their progress and includes their greatest surprises and life-threatening events of all.

Welcome to an entertaining reading time full of imagination and excitement. The Sparkling Eye is a book of pure fiction. None of the characters ever existed, including the people of the Sparkling Eye communities. It is my hope that this book will provide you with enjoyment and a fun and captivating story for you to comfortably stroll your way through.

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ISBN: 9781684981670
ISBN-10: 1684981670
Publisher: Newman Springs
Publication Date: March 9th, 2023
Pages: 216
Language: English