The Eyes Have It (Paperback)

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All booklovers, sit back, relax, and read The Eyes Have It.

The rabble-rousing town crier, Louis Ciara, said to his girlfriend, Debbie, "I can feel it in my spine. Those alien things are arriving in our town sooner than later. My backbone sensation is never wrong "

Debbie just smiled, and then she kissed Louis on the lips and replied, "No one wants to believe that kind of stuff, Lou. We don't need any encounters with the police, so let us just eat and call it a night."

A little later that same night, deep into outer space, the wise Lesserr was convincing a host of 199 extraterrestrials that humanity on planet Earth had considerable value. The Lesserr said with a stoic stare, "This cannot be denied. It is true to the uttermost that the bodies of man and womankind are very suitable vessels and make for perfect hiding spaces."

The 199 asked in fragmented voices, "How true. How can this be denied?"

The wise Lesserr whispered, "Even more than I dare to tell. Ha-he-heeee."

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ISBN: 9781684985425
ISBN-10: 1684985420
Publisher: Newman Springs Publishing, Inc.
Publication Date: July 28th, 2022
Pages: 260
Language: English