Windows of Environment (Paperback)

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It is not the agenda of policy makers, but the real life story of common mass - the story of environmental pollution, the story of CO2 hike and subsequent rise of atmospheric temperature. The other day we were passing through Kolkata, where we saw a rickshaw puller pulling goods in a pitiable condition. He was coughing, sweating, and feeling constant irritation in his eyes. With his dwindling and unstable steps, he was desperately trying to reach the destination. We do not know how long this poor fellow will strive for survival, but we are cent-percent sure that these symptoms will affect us soon, and our grandchildren within a much shorter period. What is our fate then? Is there any solution to this problem right at this moment with our very limited financial resources? We confidently say, "Yes" - and the mechanism is very simple - just plant trees - and make a small natural tank for CO2 storage. Another important step to fight against this pollution problem is to develop awareness on environment, its constituents, composition and dynamics among people of all ranks of the society. This book is an approach towards this direction. Written in a very simple language with very easy science behind every causes stated in each chapter of the book, we hope that the readers of this book will certainly follow the track of caring climate, environment and people with the tunes of conservation and sustainability.

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ISBN: 9781708927257
ISBN-10: 1708927255
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: November 16th, 2019
Pages: 244
Language: English