Autoantonyms (Paperback)

Autoantonyms By A. J. Mittendorf (Compiled by), A. J. Mittendorf (Editor), A. J. Mittendorf (Cover Design by) Cover Image
By A. J. Mittendorf (Compiled by), A. J. Mittendorf (Editor), A. J. Mittendorf (Cover Design by)
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From the Back Cover: This book begins as a collection of collections of collections of different types of English words that confuse meaning or effectuate obfuscation, the first and foremost of which is an assemblage of 298 autoantoymns, 33% of which A. J. Mittendorf compiled from his own research. The others he assembled from a variety of sources, online as well as print. Other segments include "antiantonyms: " Synonyms that look like opposites, such as "Flammable" and "Inflammable." A. J. has discovered the vast majority of the autoantonyms in this volume. Also included are words with letters pronounced twice (such as "English," in which the "g" is pronounced once in "Eng" and again in "glish") and words with ghost letters (words with letters that are pronounced but are not included in the standard spelling, such as, "Going," in which there is a ghost "w)." We don't say "go-ing," we say, "go-wing." Additionally, there are articles on a variety of words, such as "renege," "ain't" and "alright," with other articles on punctuation and grammar rules and other topics of interest. All told, this little book is likely one of the most topically unified, compact and informatively surprising bathroom readers money can buy. You'll want to spend extra hours on the loo and away from your cell just to enjoy this little book.

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ISBN: 9781716070754
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Publication Date: February 16th, 2021
Pages: 194
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