Satanist's Rule Over Us All (Paperback)

Satanist's Rule Over Us All By Adrian Bonnington Cover Image
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The Bible refers to the Anti-Christ as 666. Yet 666 is just Carbon and all humans are Carbon life forms so how can we all be the Anti-Christ. The answer is simple we have all been programmed to worship Satan. The planet Saturn called El by the ancients was our planets first sun. Earth was in permanent twilight at the time. This El Sun was not as bright as our Sun and was located above the North Pole. If you looked at El you could see the Eye of the storm at Saturn's South Pole. This all Seeing Eye is the symbol the illuminati use within a pyramid they want to destroy all religions and countries to create a New World Order so the EL-ites can rules over the many. It is this twilight that people lived under when Saturn was the first sun that gave them power. If you go into a dark room for 30 days your 3rd eye opens as DMT levels increase in the Occuli nerve - The 3rd Eye. The 3rd eye is also the brow Chakra and is between the eyes. I believe the Great Pyramid was built for help in entering the spirit world by going into a dark building. Stone Henge and other circle and pyramids are all part of same energy grid. See decoding the code later. At the North Pole of Saturn you find a revolving Hexagram. This Hexagram can be found on many coins from the ancient world. If you join lines within the Hexagon you get a Black Cube worshipped by Satanists. Satanists worship the Ang-ELs. They have names ending in EL like Ariel and Gabriel.

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Publication Date: June 7th, 2020
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