And the Circus Came to Bathgate (Paperback)

And the Circus Came to Bathgate By Paula Delph Cover Image
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About the Author

Paula was born in Guyana South America and left in 1966 after meeting and falling in love with a soldier. Guyana was then known as British Guiana; a British Colony and the British Army were called in to quell political and social unrest at that time. Paula married her soldier and then came to live in Edinburgh, Scotland and continues to live there. Paula has three sons, all grown up, with six grandchildren and two great grandchildren. The family have travelled extensively throughout the United Kingdom, eventually settling in Edinburgh. Paula decided to write this story which is mainly about her relationship with a pet cat which she had for 17 years before having to let him go due to his ill health. Paula believes that our pets also have souls guided by Spirit and they can be our guides and guards as we grow together to develop a unique relationship. This relationship can also be a help for our human relationships and it would be lovely to see more pets in more homes for the benefit of both parties.

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ISBN: 9781728391946
ISBN-10: 1728391946
Publisher: Authorhouse UK
Publication Date: August 23rd, 2019
Pages: 54
Language: English