The Dragoneer (Paperback)

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High school is tough. High school and a secret dragon? That's way tougher. High school is hard enough for 15 year old Moira Noble without taking care of a dragon too. When she stumbles across a dragon in need of her help, they unwittingly bond and she becomes a Dragoneer.

Not only does the growing Zephyr need bigger and bigger places to stay, he also craves a steady supply of spicy potato chips

Moira's homework now includes learning magic and sword fighting so she can keep Zephyr safe from an escalating troll threat. But she also has to keep up at school and at home, because if she fails to help Zephyr find a way back to his world, it won't just be his life on the line... but hers as well.

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ISBN: 9781733122528
ISBN-10: 1733122524
Publisher: Dragon Street Press
Publication Date: June 2nd, 2020
Pages: 268
Language: English