Mage: A dark fantasy of war, loss, and deep friendship (Hardcover)

Mage: A dark fantasy of war, loss, and deep friendship By R. A. Meenan Cover Image
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Part of healing means knowing when to let go.

Leah Nealia's greatest desire is to be wanted. But Leah has a special type of healing magic that allows her to see the medical history of anyone she touches - a great personal invasion. As a result, she won't touch anyone without permission, and everyone is afraid to get near her.

She might touch you and know.

In a desperate attempt to find purpose, Leah joins Guardian Matt Azure on a mission to Earth to help restore Ath natos after Theron's defeat. She fantasizes about finding Prink pissa Alexina, Ouranos' missing sister, and proving her worth.

However, she finds someone else of interest instead - an Ath natos prince named Zeke, living on the mainland, oblivious to his roots. But when two thugs attack them, Leah and Zeke accidentally bind their focus jewels in a social bond, sending them tumbling through the past to the War of Eons - a war that took Zeke's moms from him. And one that took Trecheon's arms. Leah is determined to prove herself a Defender and prevent both tragedies, no matter the cost.

But Zeke faces trauma of his own, making him distant and aloof, despite the social bond. Now Leah has to decide what's more important - saving the victims of the war and letting Zeke go, or letting the victims go while trying to cultivate a bond that she's always wanted with the reluctant prince.

This book is for anyone who loves:

- Queerplatonic relationships

- Found family

- War and its effects

- Personal redemption

- Time travel to fix mistakes

Color Stories - Umber Sky and Gray Matter

Content Warnings: War, battles, assassination, body horror, graphic death, mental anguish, starvation, psychological horror

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ISBN: 9781736890172
ISBN-10: 1736890174
Publisher: Starcrest Fox Press
Publication Date: October 16th, 2022
Pages: 436
Language: English