To See A World (Paperback)

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To See A World is a magical, zero-to-hero adventure inspired by Greek mythology's Pandora's box. Perfect for fans of myths and legends, enemies-to-lovers romance, chosen ones and outcasts, mythical creatures, and strong female leads.

Arriette Monroe is a bookish human woman living in a quiet farming village; she never expected to be thrust into the heart of a supernatural, chaotic war, nor did she deem herself worthy of four incredible gifts.

But when a bold time-travelling angel, an old wise man, a handsome hunter, and his sidekick save her from a vicious vampyr attack, sharing their enchanted blood with her in the process, Arriette reluctantly joins their quest to find the source of the land's evil... Pandora's box.

Along the way, she must master her extraordinary powers to fly, travel through time and space, bring her imagination to life, and shape-shift, to learn what they might mean for the future of her species and their planet, Haeylo.

Because although Arriette thinks she's walking pandemonium, her new friends are relying on her to lead them to the box the ancient Everlasts are fighting over. They all seem to think she's their saviour.

And they're willing to prove it.

The Chronicles of Pandora is an empowering and epic young adult fiction series-exciting, fast-paced, and addictive

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ISBN: 9781739437619
ISBN-10: 1739437616
Publisher: Curious Cat Books
Publication Date: April 1st, 2024
Pages: 364
Language: English