Billa & Buster: The Circle of Kindness (Paperback)

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Why get this book?

This endearing book is excellent at outlining the importance of friendship and teaches young readers especially preteens not to ask for pets as Christmas presents if they are unprepared to take responsibility for them thereafter.

The Main Story

Buster is an energetic young puppy who was picked up by a family as a Christmas gift. However, the family weren't prepared to deal with the dog's antics after Christmas, as Buster began eating shoes, chewing on handbags, and so on. Following this, the family abandon him at the edge of Merlin woods in Galway, on the west coast of Ireland.

On his own, lost, in the freezing weather, Buster is now homeless and forced to make do. He spends a long while traversing the grounds of the woods, cold and hungry. Eventually, he gives up and lays down to perish in the cold. A mother badger named Billa arrives, dragging Buster to her sett where he awakes the next morning; warm and comfortable. He has been saved from perishing by the badger.

A beautiful friendship blossoms between Billa & Buster as they look out for and support one another through thick and thin. Especially when it comes to fending off muggers who tried to attack an old lady, who came every day to feed them treats.

The Premise of the Story

The story interweaves the topics of irresponsible abandonment of animals after Christmas, the pain of homelessness, the importance of kindness, the need to nurture friendships as well never judging the book by the cover.

This book covers issues such as homelessness, charity, kindness, friendship as well as our responsibilities towards animals. The discussion points at the end of the story help any group expand on these topics. In addition, there are fun facts about badgers to get detailed insights about the animals.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781916212237
ISBN-10: 1916212239
Publisher: Martha Begley Schade
Publication Date: April 1st, 2020
Pages: 40
Language: English