A Quite Extraordinary Umbrella (Hardcover)

A Quite Extraordinary Umbrella By J. A. McPhail, Traci Osborn (Illustrator) Cover Image
By J. A. McPhail, Traci Osborn (Illustrator)
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Before the beginning of Time was the eternal Three in One. From the empty expanse of space They spoke into existence the Realms of Tresia; a home, but no family. So They created children and gave them gifts.

Brie has waited and hoped for a remarkable twelfth birthday gift from her neighbors. What they give her isn't even close. It's a horrible ugly black second-hand umbrella Now she may never go on three magical journeys and discover the secrets of Tresia.

Then Dave shows up. He's too polite and way over-dressed. After her party, Brie's expected to entertain "Goody-Two-Shoes" Dave all by herself.

When she drops her ordinary gift down a dark shaft, her beloved Samoyed dog, Tara, leads Brie and Dave into a hidden cavern where everything changes, including her umbrella. This is her chance They discover three powerful gems, two princesses, and a mystical swinging bridge. But Brie and her companions risk losing everything when they face the Great Dragon Rasha, evil Agent Khadol, and the dangerous Shadowshifter.

Brie must learn to trust her friends, her gifts, and the Three in One. But will she make everyone so mad they give up on her? Will she be forgiven, allowed to enter the Kingdom Beyond Time, and have her gifts restored? Or will someone else end up with everything that was supposed to be hers?

These questions and more are answered in the second volume of this preteen Christian fantasy series, filled with mystical creatures, secret treasures, and underlying spiritual truth. Readers of all ages will enjoy traveling along with Brie and Dave on their magical journeys through the Realms of Tresia as they discover the meaning of true friendship and why we were created to be family.

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ISBN: 9781939054852
ISBN-10: 1939054850
Publisher: Rowe Publishing
Publication Date: May 1st, 2017
Pages: 338
Language: English