Fursona (Paperback)

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Some people feel they were born in the wrong body, others feel they have the spirit of an animal within them. Twenty three year old Francis Robert Fox feels both. Frank is a stranger in a foreign country, looking for a way to feel at peace within himself. When his new friend Dan tells him of a secret society in the mountains that uses gene splicing to mix animal genes into humans, he is overcome with excitement. He is quick to abandon his old life and friends (including his best friend Justin, ) to become a part of this secret city called Furtopia. After the operation is a success, and Frank is transformed into his fox-like fursona, he is given residence inside the city. Surrounded by people like him (furries), and despite his new super speed and strength, he lives a relatively normal life; working, going to parties, having fun. There are only two catches. First, he must take pills every day, to suppress the animal instincts now raging inside of him. Second, all contact with the outside world is forbidden. A new romance is made complicated by a group within the society that wants to make the existence of their hidden country known to the greater world at large. Before long, Frank starts to wonder who he can trust, if anyone at all.

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ISBN: 9781946157676
ISBN-10: 1946157678
Publisher: Local Gems Press
Publication Date: March 17th, 2018
Pages: 358
Language: English