Adult Coloring Book Cryptocurrency Zombies: Crypto Slang (Hardcover)

Adult Coloring Book Cryptocurrency Zombies: Crypto Slang Cover Image
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FUD FOMO BTFD What? New to Cryptocurrencies? Heard about Bitcoin but have no clue what Altcoins are? The first step is to learn the Cryptocurrency Slang

Sit back, relax, and tune out as you color 40 creepy, disfigured, and demonic Cryptocurrency Zombies as they experience both pain and greed trading Cryptocurrencies. Some become REKT by having Weak Hands while others achieve a state of nirvana as they ride their coins to a new ATH.

In Crypto Slang, the Bitcoin zombies are headed To The Moon while Bitcoin, The King, holds the crown. Bearwhale, however, is patiently waiting to destroy the Bitcoin zombies while the Litecoin Aliens and Ethereum Vampires are plotting to dethrone The King.

As Cryptocurrency traders anxiously wait for the great Flippening to occur, the Bitcoin Maximalist are injecting all the blood-sucking fangs and slimy alien eggs with Bitcoin gold. Who will prevail?

Find out as you take a stroll through Crypto Slang and color some of the creepiest Bagholding, Pump N' Dump, Hodl, Noob, and many more hand-made and detailed Cryptocurrency zombies. A must have for anyone that loves Cryptocurrencies

Product Details
ISBN: 9781947855151
ISBN-10: 1947855158
Publisher: 99 Pages or Less Publishing LLC
Publication Date: February 21st, 2018
Pages: 82
Language: English