Poicephalus Parrots: Poicephalus Parrots As Pets (Paperback)

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One of the most popular and friendliest types of bird is the Poicephalus Parrots. They've originated from Africa just like the African Grey Parrots. The great trait of Poicephalus parrots is that they're not the screaming type making them excellent birds for patient and calm keepers. They can also learn different tricks, and they can be left alone for much of the day as long as you provide them with an adequate space, food, and toys to keep them stimulated. However, they will still need a daily dose of interaction from their owners. In general, Poicephalus birds are easy going, and loving pets. This book will help you in getting to know you the Poicephalus parrot better and guide you on becoming the best bird keeper.

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ISBN: 9781949555424
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Publication Date: February 10th, 2022
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