Ninety-Nine White Horses (Paperback)

Ninety-Nine White Horses By J. B. Wadsworth Cover Image
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Why settle for fate when you can create your own destiny?

Molly Baird is a wealthy debutante in 1887 New York City, searching for love in a society riddled with hypocrisy and contradiction. After a series of social faux pas, her mother laments that Molly may be too awkward and lackluster to find a suitable husband. In desperation, Molly relies on an old wives' tale, which states that if she counts ninety-nine white horses, the next unmarried man to tip his hat to her will be the love of her life. But when fate delivers on the promise of the ninety-nine white horses and a young man tips his hat, she loses him in the crowds of a New York City street and supposes he is gone forever. However, her father's financial ruin takes her to live on a Vermont horse farm where she finds that fate has not deserted her, after all--only the man it has delivered is not the one she wants. Now, she must decide whether to accept fate's cruelly-dealt hand or to toss her cards to the wind and set out to forge her own destiny. Ninety-Nine White Horses is an eastern Western--without the guns.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781953010063
ISBN-10: 1953010067
Publisher: J.B. Wadsworth
Publication Date: September 10th, 2023
Pages: 330
Language: English