Deicide: Odyssey of the Serum: Part Three (Paperback)

Deicide: Odyssey of the Serum: Part Three By Sean Allen Cover Image
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* * * RATED MATURE: Language, Violence, Adult Content * * *

The last of his line. A deadly plot to destroy his legacy. Can he hunt down the answer before all is lost?

Tyrobus Daelekon doesn't have time to grieve. With both his father and twin brother gone, the young warrior finds himself falsely accused of planning to murder the world's leaders. So after barely escaping brutal assassins, the desperate sword fighter sets out to prove his family's innocence.

Dezmara Strykar's emotions are on a knife's edge. Sensing Tyrobus is hiding something important, she struggles to understand how they are connected. And suspecting she may be the only human left alive in the galaxy, she's losing hope of ever unraveling the secrets of her origins.

As Tyrobus teams with a pair of untrustworthy rogues, his journey to a mysterious destination puts him at the mercy of unstoppable beasts and a life-threatening conspiracy. And with Dezmara still healing from battle, she fears another confrontation with vicious enemies will be her last.

Can these two fugitives stand strong against their mortal foes, or does the real danger come from each other?

Deicide is the gripping fourth book in The D-Evolution space opera fantasy series. If you like dark schemes, gritty action, and hair-raising twists and turns, then you'll love Sean Allen's bold quest.

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ISBN: 9781953949134
ISBN-10: 1953949134
Publisher: Vintage Six Media, LLC
Publication Date: April 15th, 2022
Pages: 496
Language: English