Schizophrenia: A Guide to Understanding and Managing Schizophrenia (Hardcover)

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46.4% of the United States adult population experience mental illness at some point in their lives. Nearly half of American adults will deal with a mental or emotional disorder to some degree, yet far from all will be aware of this happening, let alone seek help in managing it.

Of the different mental and emotional disorders, Schizophrenia is frequently presented as the scariest, rarest, most mysterious, and most dangerous one of them all.

This book aims to dispel this stigma by explaining what it actually means to have Schizophrenia, what the symptoms are, and how it can be successfully treated, managed, and ultimately put into remission.

Whether you are personally dealing with Schizophrenia, a loved one is suffering with it, or you simply want to educate yourself about what Schizophrenia actually is, this book is here to help. Inside, we discuss the history of Schizophrenia, the diagnostic process, the signs and symptoms, medical interventions, therapeutic treatment options, alternative treatment options, how to help a loved one with their Schizophrenia, and much more

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ISBN: 9781959018193
ISBN-10: 1959018191
Publisher: Rivercat Books LLC
Publication Date: August 8th, 2022
Pages: 84
Language: English