Christianity's Jewish Roots: A Study of Judaism for Christians (Paperback)

Christianity's Jewish Roots: A Study of Judaism for Christians By Susan Renni Anderson Cover Image
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For Christians, the Old Testament is mysterious and often unexplored. This book offers a broad, yet basic, study of Judaism for Christians who are curious about the origins of their faith. The entire Bible and every one of its authors were Jewish. Jesus was a Jewish teacher and his apostles were Jewish. Jesus spoke primarily to a Jewish audience. This study will seek to answer questions like: -Who is a Jew? -Do all Jews share the same beliefs? -Why don't Jews believe that Jesus was the Messiah? -When did Jews become Christians? Christians, Muslims and Jews all look to Abraham as their father. Both Christians and Jews look to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob as our forefathers. Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel, and Leah are our Matriarchs. These are our common ancestors. God chose a people through who a Messiah could come. No othe4r Jew in history has rivaled Jesus in the magnitude of his influence. The words and deeds of Jesus the Jew have been and are an inspiration to countless millions of men and women. This study will explore how Jews pray. Readers will also explore how some of the Jewish prayer rituals are in practice in Christian churches everywhere. Communion has its roots in the Jewish blessings over wine and bread. At the last supper, Jesus the Jew took two of the most common prayers to instruct his disciples to remember him. The Christian Call to Confession has its roots in Yom Kippur, the Jewish High Holy Day of Atonement. You can see baptism in the Jewish mikveh, the ritual bath. As you might guess Jews and Christians look at the meaning of the Messiah differently. There is much Messianic prophecy in Jewish scripture. This reader will guide Christians in their understanding that Jews look at the Messiah as more a question of what not who. In Jewish Holy Days and Festivals, readers will explore Shabbat, the Sabbath Day. It has been said, "More than the Jews have kept the Sabbath, the Sabbath has kept the Jews." The Sabbath is on.

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