YOU............Raise Chickens?: A How to Guide to Raise Laying Hens. (Paperback)

YOU............Raise Chickens?: A How to Guide to Raise Laying Hens. By Justin S. Willamson Cover Image
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This book is a very basic guide to get you started raising your very own laying hens. Here you will find the essentials of what it takes to make raising chickens and enjoyable as well as fruitful expierience for both your self and the birds. I truly hope you find this book not only helpful but also enjoyable to read.

About the Author

I'm a part time home security and self-defense instructor. In 2014 I started raising hens for laying with the help of a friend while I built my set-up. This started simply as a hobby as my wife is an uncontrollable animal lover, and I have always loved the simplicity of doing things the "old way". After my first flock proved to be an extensively educational experience, and my second flock proved to be exceptionally fruitful, I decided that it would in fact be worth integrating fully into my home life. Oh and what a blessing it has been. About the same time, I decided to write this book in an attempt to prevent others who were so inclined from making the same commonplace mistakes that I did starting out. My goal for the reader is simple. Health and happiness for both caretaker and flock alike and avoidance of the pit falls that would detract from either. To gain this knowledge, I have raised chickens and reaped the benefits for years. I've done countless hours of research and personally spoken to many individuals who have done this for years longer than myself on the how's, the why's, and ways to more effectively gain the benefits while still maintaining a low cost and keeping the treatment of the animals humane, safe, and healthy.

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ISBN: 9781977954749
ISBN-10: 197795474X
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: October 3rd, 2017
Pages: 28
Language: English