The Highland Daughter's Love: Scottish Highland Romance (Paperback)

The Highland Daughter's Love: Scottish Highland Romance By Lena Cochran Cover Image
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James MacKay barely escapes the slaughter of his clan by the Stewarts. Injured and taking refuge in the forest, he stumbles across the daughter of the Stewart Clan's chief. He holds a sword to her throat, ready to kill. Instead, his agonizing injuries bring him to his knees. Despite his intention toward her, Helen nurses James back to consciousness. While he now discards his wish for her death, he is set on revenge. Unable to sway him, Helen flees-only to find herself defending him in front of her own clan. Thrown together again, the two escape detection, forced now into each other's company for days. Helen falls in love with James, but she cannot disregard his hunger for vengeance. When James is captured and scheduled for execution, Helen is the only one who can save him. But by doing so, she places herself in grave danger. Is her love for James strong enough to risk her own life? And will James ever see beyond his need for retaliation to return her love?Fans of Keira Montclair's stories might also enjoy Lena Cochran's action-packed and compelling romances-written just for you Scroll up and Click Purchase to enjoy this exciting historical romance ... complete with a dashing hero and a beautiful strong heroine.

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ISBN: 9781983593321
ISBN-10: 198359332X
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: January 5th, 2018
Pages: 116
Language: English