Crypto Currency: Cryptocurrency for Beginners: Learn Everything about: Blockchain, Bitcoin, & Ethereum (Paperback)

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Cryptocurrency for Beginners

Cryptocurrency is safer, faster, and easier to transact with than traditional money online. In this book, you will learn what cryptocurrency is, why it is better than fiat currency, benefits of using, blockchain technology, and more about the two most popular forms - Bitcoin and Ethereum.
Learn everything you need to understand and use this online currency in Cryptocurrency for Beginners: Learn Everything about: Blockchain, Bitcoin, & Ethereum, by Sam Campbell. This short guidebook gives you all the necessary basics. Campbell explains the difference between cryptocurrency and common money, breaks down terminology that may otherwise be confusing, explains the history and relevance of this new currency, and clearly shows why cryptocurrency is here to stay.

With Campbell's easy to follow guidance you will learn:

  • What cryptocurrency is
  • The benefits of cryptocurrency
  • Blockchain technology
  • The birth of the bitcoin
  • And everything you need to know about ethereum

In addition to learning about cryptocurrency, this guidebook comes with a Free Guide on passive investing with cryptocurrencies.

By the end of Cryptocurrency for Beginners, you will have a better understanding of cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, bitcoin, ethereum and the online financial community surrounding them. The common currency has drawbacks that cryptocurrency has overcome. Find out what they are and how this new currency may be the answer you've been looking for.

Cryptocurrency for Beginners is a foundational tool for understanding this new technology. You will be ready to dive into the world of online finances unhindered by a regulatory authority. Get started today

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