Where The Skylark Sings (Paperback)

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Abraham is an inspiring Methodist preacher inspired by visions of a new Jerusalem. His brother, Adam works in the local clothing trade and just wants to be a good husband to powerful and enigmatic Gwyneth. However, when a way of life that had been settled for centuries begins to change, all are forced to make decisions that will affect their lives, and the communities they live in, forever.

In this, the latest book by Lee Garratt, we see what happens when the valleys of Northern England came into conflict with the mighty forces unleashed by the industrial revolution. A tale of love and loss, solidarity and struggle.

"an evocative and powerful... often lyrical, account of a changing world"

Alan Brooke: co-author of 'Liberty or Death - Radicals, Republicans and Luddites in the Huddersfield Area'

"Garratt's best, most ambitious, and certainly most daring work yet. Superb."

Thomas Clark: Author, journalist and the translator of the recent Scots edition of 'Animal Farm'

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ISBN: 9781989940525
ISBN-10: 1989940528
Publisher: Dimensionfold Publishing
Publication Date: November 21st, 2022
Pages: 146
Language: English