The Anvil of Scottish History: Stories of Stirling (Paperback)

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Stirling was Scotland's ancient capital, and it remains its best preserved medieval city with its remarkable city walls and late medieval hospital, the oldest royal park, as well as one of the most striking Renaissance palaces in all of Europe. It is home to the world's oldest football and curling stone - and the home of tartan. Stirling was the grounds for the two most important battles in Scottish history as well as having fought Romans, Angles, Picts, Vikings, the English, other Scots, Oliver Cromwell, Jacobites and the Hanoverians, and it even played a key role in the preparations for D-Day. It is the place where our identity and indeed our very existence has been forged and repeatedly tested: the anvil of Scottish history.

This beautiful city sits at the lowest crossing point of the River Forth. This means that every army that ever invaded or resisted invasion had to cross the river at Stirling. So, for the last 2000 years, blood and treasure were lost and heroes and villains created in a perpetual struggle for the control of this key location. This means that almost every single aspect of Scotland's history either impacts, or is impacted by, this amazing place.

Take a fascinating journey through the centuries with Stirling's Burgh Archaeologist, Dr Murray Cook, as he considers the complex and lively history of this unique royal city. From the mists of prehistory through to the Home Guard, he charts the changing face of Stirling over the course of millennia, detailing some extraordinary archaeological finds and many little-known historical facts. Prepare to discover Stirling's secrets and mysteries for yourself

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