Yes You Freakin' Can: Be Better Than You Thought Possible When You Most Need To Be (Paperback)

Yes You Freakin' Can: Be Better Than You Thought Possible When You Most Need To Be By Trevor Lynch Cover Image
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Stress and pressure can make it difficult to achieve incredible results when you need them most.

It's hard to be confident when your brain is pointing out all your flaws and inflicting self-doubt.

You may find yourself shrinking and staying in your comfort zone .

It's time to give the performance you are capable of. Overcome your fear and accomplish much more, by getting your subconscious to work with you, rather than against you

In Yes You Freakin' Can, Trevor Lynch shows you how to surpass the mental boundaries that limit your amazing capabilities, and be better than you thought possible for life, work, and love goals and challenges. Filled with emotional stories, empowering wisdom, and reflection activities, this how-to guide will have you tapping into the incredible potential of your higher self and will kickstart your journey towards a more confident and resilient you.

You're about to uncover:
  • How to give yourself more "likes" and boost your self-esteem with your unique Wow List.
  • A two-minute technique to master your mindset, get in the zone, and achieve your desired outcome. The power of gratitude, positive energy, and other proven techniques for building resilience against surprise challenges.How to boost your confidence and show up better than you have in the past.
  • Strategic life breaks, a must for focusing on what milestones to aim for next...and much much more

For anything from a job interview, a life challenge, or a sports competition, to speaking in front of people you're intimidated by, anywhere from the meeting room to the bedroom, this book will get you to be better than you thought previously possible, right when you need it most.Get Yes You Freakin' Can now and get ready to surpass what you thought you were capable of.

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ISBN: 9782958061302
ISBN-10: 2958061302
Publisher: Trefle Rebels
Publication Date: February 3rd, 2022
Pages: 202
Language: English