A Study of Mobile Based Marketing Practices Among Selected Indian Banks (Paperback)

A Study of Mobile Based Marketing Practices Among Selected Indian Banks By Ritika Malik Cover Image
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Communication may be defined as supplying information to one or more people with the use of words,

sound or visual cues. The communication process is complete only when the receiver understands the

message that the sender intends to send. Until and unless the receiver doesn't understand the

message the communication error is there. In the communication process, there is a

message source then it is encoded and a communication channel is chosen to send

that message, once the encoding of the message is done then the message is decoded by the

recipient, and then it is received. After the message is received by the recipient, the person gives

feedback to the original source with the help of which it is easy to find out whether the message

originally sent is successful or not as through the middle of the channel there is the possibility

for noise which distort the message being sent which is also called as the

barrier of communication. Thus various things have to be kept in mind while sending a message

from sender to receiver. There are different components that should be considered while

sending a message that is Source, Encoding, Message, Decoding, etc so that

the campaign is successful.

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