Never Stop Dreaming: Inspiring short stories of unique and wonderful boys about courage, self-confidence, and the potential found in all ou (Hardcover)

Never Stop Dreaming: Inspiring short stories of unique and wonderful boys about courage, self-confidence, and the potential found in all ou By Ellen Mills, Special Art Stories Cover Image
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Hello little dreamer What's the most incredible dream you've ever had?

Was it about becoming a superhero, who could save the world from danger? Maybe you've dreamed about being a wizard who could create anything he wanted with just a flick of her wand? It is wonderful to have such magical dreams while you sleep

But what kind of dreams do you have when you're awake? Do you dream about doing well at school? Or maybe you've dreamed about finding a best friend? What about dreaming of being able to stand on a stage in front of a crowd of people without feeling any fear at all? Not everyone's dreams are the same, but one thing is certain: we all have dreams

Within this book, you will find stories of boys who had dreams of their own.

Some of them lived in a world that you might recognize, and some of them live in enchanted worlds you've never seen before But you will be able to see how all of these boys, despite finding difficulties along the way, made their dreams come true.

Like the boys you will read about, you too can discover how no dream is too big to be realized. If you believe in yourself and all the talents and abilities that make you unique, you will have every opportunity to achieve your goals. Don't limit yourself, little dreamer, because a special and wonderful boy like you has all the things he needs to make his dreams come true.

What you will find in this book:

  • 10 Inspiring Stories for Boys about self-esteem, courage, inner strength, and self-love.
  • A simple and engaging writing style suitable for both shared and independent reading
  • Identification with the characters, who, although fictional, are always combined with themes from children's real lives
  • Beautiful images to accompany the reading and stimulate the imagination
  • Morals and Messages of Life with reflections and involvement in the narrative

Boys love this book and it helps them to:

  • Develop confidence in themselves and their abilities
  • Understanding the importance of relationships with parents and friends
  • Be curious and follow their passions
  • Cope better with difficult situations
  • Never give up and do not be discouraged by small failures

2 Bonus for You that you can download from the Special Art official website:

  • Dreams Journal for Kids (PDF)
  • Motivational Phrases Coloring Book for Kids (PDF)

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ISBN: 9791255530718
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Publication Date: January 9th, 2024
Pages: 108
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