The Paladin's Ascension Pt 3 Eclipse of Epiphany (Paperback)

The Paladin's Ascension Pt 3 Eclipse of Epiphany By Laura Jean Lysander Cover Image
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The Paladin's Ascension, Pt 3: Eclipse of Epiphany; the epic parody, the insanely incredulous thrilling conclusion to a Tales Of Good & Evil Trilogy It starts off just as it left off: The legendary Fab Four plus more Provincial Knights of Legend, and The Quad Squad soon-to-be dubbed plus more Squires' hallowed Ceremony at Honah Lee Academy is finally underway, is at its imminent zenith in the Dream Dimension Realm;...and so is the portentous Full moon Eclipse and the augmented energies it creates slated at the very time of all the action. The Ceremony starts off starry-eyed and full of betrothal bliss...until Knight Finn stuns everyone with a most startling, stunning betrothal reversal reveal involving his "Twee little globe," the tiny enchanted and cursed piece of Princess Calliope; the intrigue intensifies, and all the guests and participants are totally traumatized by a dramatic, un-ceremonial party crashing, the inglorious invasion of those tyrannic twinned Monstrous meddlesome evil doers, the Demonic Duo of Mordacity, the Underground Liege Leader Momos, Knightess Apa's twin brother, and the Skunky Dr. Krunk Jr, conjured and transfigured into the morphed Ogre Troll Demon, "Halcyon the Great"- they hijack and kidnap, nab Knightess Sapphire, and start their 'Torrid Titanic Takeover of the Dream Dimensional Realm and Other Tyme World'...and the parody of all crazy parodies of the "Grail Quest" begins for Sir Knight Galahad and his Best Mates to fetch Knightess Sapphire from their evil clutches. The Djinn twin Finn and Lyraevega, his female half, Bors the Batman Dark Knight Loyal, strong and true, and Knight Perci the Golden One who would sacrifice all... all have their roles to perform; Knightess Apex Apa is still in the mix and luridly lurking, yet she also is ousted, abducted and betrayed, bested by her own brother Momos and needs some saving herself of both a spiritual and physical nature. It all comes to a head in the desecrated and demolished Western Realm. Incredible transformations, Transfigurations, and trinity surprises await all...Will Galahad, and his pristine Knightly brotherly mates, along with the help of their powerful female emerging allies Genie Calliope and Mystic Lyraevega surmount such vile villainy as never before seen in epochs within the Dream Realm, and beyond? Hold on to your Hopping Hare-ish horrors and hearts, for there are twists and turns, surprises and shocks...come finish the mash-up Modern Fairy Tale of all ages and more The Third installment is a charm Magic and mayhem, music and melody...battalions and beauty...the epic end to the adventure Trilogy awaits thee...if it ever does end, that is

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ISBN: 9798215432174
Publisher: Phantasmique the Mystic Scroll & Scribe
Publication Date: March 14th, 2023
Pages: 460
Language: English