Countdown To Arrival: A True Prophecy On Upcoming World Events (Paperback)

Countdown To Arrival: A True Prophecy On Upcoming World Events By E-Squared Cover Image
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This book contains the highly classified document about the upcoming Extraterrestrial arrival that the National Security Agency doesn't want you to read.

It is a history book sent back from the future and everything in it is true.

Consider this your forewarning:

The timeline of history will start to repeat itself as documented herein beginning with the Extraterrestrial arrival at the Opening Ceremonies of the 2028 Summer Olympics. And this is how it will first unfold:

At exactly 6:14 pm Eastern on July 21, 2028


Turning day into night in an instant

As if by the flip of some cosmic light switch.

Hopefully you will not shit your pants again

Like you probably did the first time They arrived..

My name is Eve. I am an intelligent Being from the future. Your future. The following chronicle of upcoming real-world events has been sent back in time from the year 2060. Everything in it has already happened in Our past and is slated to begin all over again in your future--starting with Our arrival on July 21, 2028.

As you will soon learn, due to technical difficulties onboard Our Mothership, We were obligated to declare a Mayday and seek emergency sanctuary on Earth. In exchange for this temporary refuge, We took it upon Ourselves to help you--Man's kind--repair your planet and its civilization. Unfortunately, as you will see, it did not end well for you.

We do accept some degree of responsibility for your demise. Therefore, We consider it Our duty to allow you a second and final chance to save yourselves. To that end, it is imperative that you read this historical chronicle of events thoroughly and learn lessons from the mistakes you already made the first time through so that different choices--hopefully better and more informed ones--will be made by your species this next and final go around. This time, may peace truly be upon you.
--Eve of Arma-Lena

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ISBN: 9798223699026
Publisher: E-Squared
Publication Date: September 4th, 2023
Pages: 376
Language: English