Laky Ebnaty Almukallafah: Batool (Hardcover)

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Laky Ebnaty Almukallafah - Batool is an Islamic book for girls age between 9 to 16 years old.
The number of pages of the book is 202 pages. It consists of 12 chapters.
The first chapter: the origins of Religion and its Branches - takleef - taqleed.
Chapter Two: How to perform ablution.
Chapter Three: How to do tayammum.
Chapter 4: How to ghosle.
Chapter Five: Masturbation.
Chapter Six: How to Pray.
Chapter Seven: Fasting.
Chapter Eight: khoms.
Chapter Nine: The Three Bloods of Women.
Chapter Ten: Doubts in Prayer.
Chapter Eleven: Batool's Attitudes: (Dress, hejab, commissioning ceremony).
Chapter Twelve: Pearls (Ethics and Relationships).

About the Author

Tamadhr Alali

- May. 2019 – May. 2022 Masters' degree in Islam - UK
- Dec. 2022 - Bachelor of Fine Arts - Graphic Design major - Lawrence University of Technology - USA
- Bachelor of Islamic Sciences - UK
- Bachelor's degree in Geography - KSA
- Study of a general course on theater at SVSU - on theatrical design For lighting, clothing, decoration,
and acoustics in general - US
- Adobe - GD. Workshop - Future – National eLearning Center
- Diploma in Graphic Design Adobe programs -Training Certificated Instructor 2023
- Adobe Programs: Illustrator-Photoshop - InDesign -XD- After Effect-Adobe Dimension cc- Premier
Essential - Adobe Premiere Advance - Adobe After Effect -Audio engineering course -2.93 Blender-
Adobe InDesign Essential.
- Packaging Design.
- Procreate program: Drawing, illustration.

- Alali Tamadhr - The evolution of teaching tadabur (Meditation) to reflect on the Qur'an and its
relationship to the art of graphic design - Qatif regions as a model.
- Alali Tamadhr - Laky Ebnaty Almukallafa -book for girl muslim from 8-16 years old.
- Alali Tamadhr - Practical steps to tadabur (Meditation) on the Holy Quran - book for adults.

Research not yet published:
1- Mrs. Khadija Al-Kubra (PBUH) is a principle and a mission.
2- download and go down and descend The Holy Quran.
3 - "The Lady of Your Religion" is research contemplated in Surat Al-Qadr.
4 -Imam Al-Hussain "Peace be upon him" Quran from heaven to earth.

- Professor in Qatif for more than 10 years. In addition to the houses of the Qur'an and religious
- Foundation for several Takleef programs.
- Responsible for the Loyalty Group to the Messenger of God, a group consisting of 30 students
Hawza, in addition to volunteers from some other religious committees, a theater group that
presents theatrical, religious, social, and moral operetta performances, through youth theatrical
performances, toured all areas of Qatif as a guest of the religious centers in the region.
- Offers suitable orienting young people as a pulpit discourse method attracts young people in a
modern visual way (operetta). Audible so that under the Wii on sound effects and visual
presentations with normal representation and the songs and condolences.
- Held many courses in the Qatif regions in the field of Quranic reflection for more than 10
Years for secondary and university levels and above.
- Establishing commissioning, teaching, theatrical, and vocal training programs for the ceremony
after the end of the ceremony education cycle.

Teaching several sciences, including
Usul al-Fiqh, Logic, Tajweed, Studies Quranic sciences, Tajweed science, Tadabur Quran,
interpretation science.
Alali Tamadhr - The author of the film, "Torbah Min Duma": Produced by: Foton Art
Alali Tamadhr- "They write with their hands " a play that walks the shrine of the personality of
the Messenger of God, Muhammad "peace be upon him") and his wife, Mrs. The pure Khadija
"peace be upon him" Historically speaking about how narrators throughout history have distorted
these two characters, and for what purpose. The play is not without some humor. It was written in
Arabic based on historical facts in the text. It was shown 4 times in Qatif regions. The show lasted
for 50 minutes.

Alali Tamadhr-" Memories of Pain" A play presented in the forty days of Imam Hussein "peace
be upon him" - tells the memories of pain Sayyida Zainab, represented by each character from
Karbala, was presented twice. It lasted a full hour the show.
In addition to several religious and social plays.
Designed books and graphics for children.

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