Ethics and Politics from the Viewpoint of Imam Khomeini (Paperback)

Ethics and Politics from the Viewpoint of Imam Khomeini By Mansoor Limba (Translator), Sayyid Hasan Islami Cover Image
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Dive into the mind of Imām Khomeinī and explore the connection between ethics and politics with Ethics and Politics from the Viewpoint of Imām Khomeinī.

This English translation of the 294-page Persian book, Imām, Akhlāq, Siyāsat, delves into the ethical principles of Imām Khomeinī's Islamic thought and his fundamental views on ethics.

Discover the relationship between ethics and politics, and the ethical elements in politics, as the author argues that Imām Khomeinī viewed politics as an extension of ethics.

Uncover the belief that politics, with all its complexities, can and should be ethical, as ethics from the Imām's perspective is not just confined to teachings and recommendations for individuals, but is the foundation of both individual and collective life and the source of happiness in both worlds. Ethical principles are not a peripheral issue, but the basis for society's movement and progress.

Don't miss out on this thought-provoking read that will change your perspective on politics and ethics.

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ISBN: 9798372467965
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: January 18th, 2023
Pages: 330
Language: English