A Quechua Polo - The Smart Game: Volume 4 (Paperback)

A Quechua Polo - The Smart Game: Volume 4 By Uwe Seebacher Cover Image
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About this book:

Smart Play is the first professional book to reveal the secrets of the cracks and explain what the world's best players learn and master intuitively from childhood legs up in terms of polo tactics and tricks. This volume delves into the area of rules, fouls and moves without becoming theoretical or long-winded. The book also describes the simple exercises through which you can mentally train and perfect your ability, keeping track and sharpening your anticipation of the course of the game, to learn to read and understand the game perfectly - because when the ball is played, it is already too late.

Smart play is the synergy of perfect riding, technically flawless movement sequences and, above all, lightning-fast reactions to different game situations - and always with a simultaneous focus on the teammates but also opponents and their technical skills. Many exercises, templates, tips, but also analyses and descriptions of standard situations and possible game alternatives are simply described and documented with numerous pictures and graphics. The mental training program from the first volume of the series is supplemented and deepened to perfectly round off your own training.

From the contents:
- The SMART model
- The analysis of the opponent
- The positions and the theoretical basics
- Smart play for position 1
- The PLAY model for position 3
- The PRO model for position 4
- SMART in teams of two

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ISBN: 9798595744201
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: January 16th, 2021
Pages: 206
Language: English