Prep Test 88 Logical Reasoning Answer Explanations (Paperback)

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Written by the Harvard Law School Alumni who created LSATMax, Prep Test 88 Logical Reasoning Answer Explanations provides detailed explanations for all 51 Logical Reasoning questions that appeared in Prep Test 88, the September 2019 LSAT.

Our unrivaled Logical Reasoning explanations, written by our 99th percentile instructors, will identify (1) the question type, whether the stimulus is an (2) argument or set of facts and whether the argument is (3) valid or flawed, provide a (4) summary of the stimulus, (5) anticipate the correct answer, (7) explain the correct and incorrect answer choices and provide a (8) key takeaway that you can apply to future Logical Reasoning questions.

Here are the 2 sections of Logical Reasoning on Prep Test 88, the September 2019 LSAT:

Section 2: 25 Questions

Section 4: 26 Questions

Please note, however, that the LSAT is no longer a paper/pencil exam in North America. Now, every LSAT in North America (United States & Canada) is administered digitally on a Microsoft Surface Go Tablet.

Tablets will be provided to test takers at the test center. On the digital LSAT, both the content and the structure of the test sections and the questions will be the same as the paper-and-pencil LSAT. But in addition, the digital LSAT will include new features such as a timer with a five-minute warning, highlighting, and flagging to keep track of questions that you may want to revisit in a section.

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