Walking the Line: Hilchot Eruvin from the Sources to the Streets (Paperback)

Walking the Line: Hilchot Eruvin from the Sources to the Streets By Rabbi Chaim Jachter Cover Image
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Learning and mastering Hilchot Eruvin is a daunting challenge. Walking the Line: Hilchot Eruvin from the Sources to the Streets sets forth a practical path to conquer this challenge by bringing Hilchot Eruvin to life. The product of over thirty years of experience helping communities design and maintain their eruvin, Rabbi Chaim Jachter demonstrates how the concepts of Hilchot Eruvin are applied in the field. This work is an indispensable guide for anyone interested in eruvin, whether they are learning the masechet, the Halachah, or are simply interested in helping their community create, expand, or maintain its eruv.

This volume discusses:

The Laws of Creating an EruvDefining the Four DomainsA List of Major CitiesHighways, Railroads, & OverpassesConstructing the Tzurot HapetachThe Maximum Size of an EruvIslands and WaterfrontsIntroduction to Karpeif, Eruv Chatzeirot, & Sechirat ReshutKarpeif and Bodies of WaterEruv Chatzeirot ConsiderationsDemistifying Atu Rabim
Eruvin InfrastructureA Lechi on Every Utility Pole? A Tree as a LechiLechi StrengthGud Achit Mechitzta and LavudA Defense of the "Top-side" WireThe Use of Tachuv in Contemporary Community EruvinPitcha B'keren Zavit
Case StudiesSagging Wire in the Yeshiva University EruvMei'achorei Hakotel in Long IslandThe Boardwalk Railing in Long Branch, New JerseyThe Stringency of the Tevu'ot Shor & the Yale New Haven EruvThe 'All-American' Eruv in Champaign-UrbanaThe Lechi Under the Cabin Eaves at Camp Ramah DaromThe Delatot of Canarsie, London, Mattersdorf, & Oakland
Diversity in EruvinSephardic Standards for Defining a Reshut HarabimEruv Standards According to Sephardic MeasurementsChabad and Community EruvinThe Modi'in Eruv & Eruvin Standards in the Jewish StateThe Machmir & the Meikel Making Allowances for Each OtherFighting Price Gouging by Adopting a Lenient Opinion
Eruv MaintenanceA Community Model for Eruvin Maintenance in Sharon, MAManaging an Eruv Emergency in Cambridge, MAThe Friday Afternoon the Rabbi Discovered the Eruv Was BrokenEruv Through the StormThe Proper Way to Challenge Authority During Eruv InspectionEruv Inspections for Yom TovGuidelines for Eruvin MaintenanceStandards for Competent Inspection of Community Eruvin

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