The Shrouded King (Paperback)

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The thrilling conclusion to the Shrouded King series

Kaiser, Sorrell, and Lacrael face one final battle. Defeat Abimelech, and they will be free. But to do so, they must return to Northmark, where Rowen's body has slumbered for the past thousand years. They go to resurrect the Shrouded King. Only with his aid will Abimelech fall.But Mazareem suspects that Rowen will betray them. His warnings are ignored by all but Kaiser, and Mazareem is forced to do what he has always done: look out for himself. Fearing for his own survival, Mazareem carries a dark secret, a sword that can ensnare immortal souls.

Saredon, believing Rowen to be the enemy, prepares for their coming. At Abimelech's command, he waits to unleash all of his power on the unsuspecting invaders. He has no idea that one of them is his father.

The three champions steel themselves for the ultimate challenge, but in the end, they may discover that the true enemy was with them from the very beginning...

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ISBN: 9798838267085
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: June 26th, 2022
Pages: 566
Language: English