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Francisco Angulo's thrilling new novel Company No. 12 offers readers a riveting glimpse into the mysterious inner workings of an elite Spanish military unit. Blending elements of psychological drama, paranormal suspense, and military fiction, Angulo has crafted a profound meditation on fear, authority, and the darkness potentially lurking within mankind.

Company No. 12 follows the journey of an unnamed 19-year-old protagonist who joins this secretive special forces company, only to find himself plunged into a terrifying world where cruel hazing rituals, ghostly apparitions, and unexplained deaths haunt the barracks. As sinister events begin to unfold around the protagonist, he must navigate the company's unfathomable rules and strict chain of command, all while questioning his own sanity.

Angulo's understated writing style masterfully builds suspense throughout this chilling tale. The atmospheric setting of the old stone barracks provides the perfect backdrop for the unsettling paranormal events, evoking a palpable sense of claustrophobia and unease. The remote mountain location, far removed from any civilians, only amplifies the feeling of isolation as the protagonist realizes he is trapped in a strange place from which there may be no escape.

By keeping both the protagonist and the readers in a state of confusion and dread, Angulo creates an aura of uncertainty regarding what is real and what is imagination. The terrors inflicted on the soldiers by their sadistic officers are all too concrete, yet the ghostly visitations allow just enough ambiguity to leave readers questioning the very nature of reality. The book frequently keeps the reader in the protagonist's limited viewpoint, not privy to the full picture, which maintains an undercurrent of tension and suspicion throughout.

The inscrutable officers themselves are a source of constant menace with their unfathomable motives and draconian methods for keeping the soldiers in line. Angulo does a masterful job depicting these enigmatic authority figures who seem to answer to no government or moral code, tormenting their troops and inflicting punishment and psychological torture for the smallest infractions. Through these chilling interactions, Angulo provokes profound questions about unquestioning obedience to authority and the darkness human beings are capable of when given total autonomy.

Company No. 12 derives much of its impact from the way Angulo utilizes understatement and restraint in his storytelling. Rather than spelling out every detail, he allows fear and tension to build gradually through implication and subtlety. Critical information is often conveyed indirectly or in an ambiguous manner that invites interpretation and analysis. The novella's open-ended conclusion likewise avoids definitive explanations, leaving many mysteries unresolved. Angulo trusts the reader to connect the dots without excessive exposition.

This new literary voice from Spain already shows great maturity and depth in his storytelling. With its sophisticated themes and nuanced approach to character and plot development, Company No. 12 should appeal to a wide range of mature readers. It will be of particular interest to fans of great psychological suspense writers like Alfred Hitchcock or Shirley Jackson. Unpredictable and utterly gripping, Angulo's tale of supernatural military horror heralds the arrival of an intriguing new talent on the literary scene.

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ISBN: 9798860278127
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: September 4th, 2023
Pages: 212
Language: English