A Political Theory for the Jewish People (Compact Disc)

A Political Theory for the Jewish People By Chaim Gans, Barry Abrams (Read by) Cover Image
By Chaim Gans, Barry Abrams (Read by)
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Chaim Gans's A Political Theory for the Jewish People examines the two dominant interpretations of Zionism, contrasts them with post-Zionist alternatives, and develops a third model. Proprietary Zionism, Gans argues, is the version that is most popular among the Israeli Jewish public. It conceives of the land of Israel/historic Palestine as the property of the Jewish people. It also conceives of the entire Jewish people as belonging to Israel. Hierarchical Zionism is common among Israel's educated elites and interprets the Jewish right to self-determination as a right to hegemony within the Israeli state. It remains silent on the relationship between Israeli and non-Israeli Jews. Post-Zionist approaches, conversely, critique the rationale for the continued existence of the state of Israel as a Jewish state. Gans disagrees with these approaches, and in their stead advocates egalitarian Zionism, which is based on an egalitarian interpretation of the right to national self-determination. As such, it interprets the historical link between the Jews and the land of Israel in terms of identity rather than property. Ultimately, the book argues that egalitarian Zionism is superior to its rivals both in the authenticity of its relationship to Jewish history and in its implications for denizens of Israel and Jews around the world.

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