The Adventures of Zaba: Children's favorite storybook (Paperback)

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"Adventurous, Fun, and Exciting: Let's Go "

"THE ADVENTURES OF ZABA: Children's Favorite Storybook" is an enchanting tale cherished by children of all ages. "The Adventures Of Zaba" unfolds in the African Savanna, where animals, trees, bugs, and birds thrive. "Hunter and His Dog" tells the story of Lucky the Dog and Frank. "Termites And The Hollow Tree" shares the musical journey of a termite family and the tallest tree in the Savannah Kingdom. "Welcome to Sheeptown" and other Zaba stories are part of the series, narrating Zaba's adventures. Zaba, a lamb born without a tail in the savanna kingdom, embarks on adventures with his friends Juka, Salice, Albana, and other animals of the Savannah Kingdom and beyond. Their lives, struggles, and quests for survival are central to the story .

Many years ago, in a land called Zaba. Yes, Zaba was a beautiful paradise until the great famine- a drought that lasted more than many animals thought it should. Animals' hope for rain faded. As time passed, the trees and the grasses died out, and the pools dried up. What was once the greener pasture and most beautiful savannah of them all turned into a wasteland. Many animals left the savannah in search of food, and those that remained suffered with her. They looked to the sky for help, hoping that one day rain would fall and life would return to normal. And so, they wait and wait. Many years have passed, and no one remembers what their land once was.

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ISBN: 9798884124783
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: March 13th, 2024
Pages: 76
Language: English