Draconis (Hardcover)

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Ana Cordoba survived a meteor shower that decimated the memory of most humans and now must survive a post-apocalyptical world without electricity or drinking water. She finds Sam, a friend who helps her past her own loneliness and food scarcity to a seemingly sustainable life. That new life is interrupted when Sam is taken hostage to help an ad hoc resistance movement trying to fight the apparent takeover of the Earth by an alien species. This species spent a thousand years preparing to come to Earth to blend in with humans only to find it decimated by the meteor shower that took the memory, and ultimately the lives of most humans. The alien encampments are surrounded by a barrier and there is no apparent way to even contact them or engage them in the hopes they will leave. Ana joins the resistance group to be with Sam and find a way to contact the aliens in her hope of establishing some sort of peace agreement with them.

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ISBN: 9798889453871
Publisher: Brilliant Books Literary
Publication Date: October 22nd, 2023
Pages: 260
Language: English