Children's Stories - Discovering how to become better individuals: through entertaining and educational stories for a meaningful and fulfilling life (Hardcover)

Children's Stories - Discovering how to become better individuals: through entertaining and educational stories for a meaningful and fulfilling life By Karla Gutiérrez Cover Image
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Would you like to read some new and fantastic stories that teach important values and life lessons along the way? Are you looking for fun tales that can inspire your child's values, awareness, and self-esteem? Well, look no further This collection of 6 fully illustrated and colorful stories is just what you need.


This book brings you beautiful and entertaining stories for your kids, carefully designed to subtly instill valuable and essential values and qualities that are sometimes overlooked in today's modern society. By experiencing these values through each story, we can all learn to become better individuals, and the best part is, it's all wrapped up in magical tales set in the enchanting forest with adorable animal characters.

Animal stories are a blast for children, capturing their imagination and keeping them engaged. Plus, they're a great way to teach little ones how to treat other living beings with respect and love. That's why this collection features a bunch of exciting adventures with animal friends in the forest, packed with valuable life lessons.

The stories in this book hold meaningful teachings that will help shape your child's character. Through these fantastic tales, your child will absorb essential values and qualities. This fully colored collection includes 6 stories:

1) THE MAGIC WORDS - Message: The magic of saying "Please"

2) CARROTS - Message: The power of saying "Thank You" to others.

3) THE TALLEST AND PRETTIEST TREE - Message: The benefits of asking for permission.

4) MEOW AND PANDY - Message: Apologizing and accepting our mistakes.

5) THE DISTRACTIVE SQUIRREL - Message: The benefits of listening attentively.

6) THE SNAKE AND FORGIVENESS - Message: The importance of forgiveness.

These life lessons are crucial for their development, helping them grasp abstract concepts and teaching them essential values and lessons in a fun and engaging way.

Listening to stories with strong values allows children to reflect on the characters' actions and decisions, and how they impact the story. It also helps them identify and apply these lessons in their own lives. Moreover, stories with meaningful messages are an effective way to communicate and teach values to children. And when it comes in the form of an entertaining tale like these, kids are even more receptive to the powerful messages they carry.

So, say goodbye to dull and repetitive stories This collection is specially crafted to enrich your child's life with educational and captivating tales that will surely hold their attention and make a positive impact.

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ISBN: 9798890050090
Publisher: Karla Edith Escaffi
Publication Date: July 2nd, 2023
Pages: 40
Language: English