Destroyer from the Lost Planet: A Sci-Fi Adventure of Gods and Aliens (Paperback)

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Destroyer from the Lost Planet is the enthralling third book in the science-fiction series From Heaven To Earth They Came. If you like ancient battles of the gods, dashing and romantic heroes and heroines, action-packed plots, and thrilling suspense, then you'll love Neal Roberts' historically inspired tale of ancient lore woven into our modern-day struggle for survival.
The power-hungry and much-despised Anz , frustrated by the failure of his attack on a summit meeting attended by his Anunnaki foes, begins a campaign to drive a wedge between the Anunnaki and humankind. His devious plan is to persuade Ambassador David Schubert that Enki (half-brother to the Anunnaki king) has always been humanity's enemy, and that David will need the immortality that Anz can bestow in order to save the beloved Queen Inanna from an approaching celestial collision.
In the event of hostilities between the Anunnaki and Anz , where Earth will be their battleground, it is clear to everyone that either side would be capable of destroying its enemy's command-and-control by means of an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) that can be created by detonating a high-capacity nuclear bomb at high altitude. As an EMP would confer a marked advantage upon the first side to use it, it is a highly destabilizing weapon. Anz , having long seethed over ancient slights, is desperate to gain this advantage to wreak vengeance on those who he believes betrayed him. As David struggles to avert a cataclysmic war, he learns of the Anunnaki lore of a "Destroyer" who, having defeated Anz in ancient times, is destined to return and defeat him once again. With tensions rising on Earth, David and U.S. Navy Commander Catharine Weldon are dispatched on a diplomatic journey to the pyramidion of Enlil, King of Nibiru, where the Destroyer is believed to reside.
The Destroyer, long in love with the beautiful Queen Inanna, enters the fray at last. But even he cannot save the Anunnaki and humankind without David's help, for no one but David can approach Anz closely enough to defeat his destructive plans. With the Destroyer's help - and with Earth in the balance - can David thwart Anz 's plans for world domination?

Will David himself prove to be the new Destroyer?

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ISBN: 9798987431641
Publisher: Neal R. Platt
Publication Date: March 14th, 2023
Pages: 316
Language: English