A Day Trip To Sandman

JUL 1, 2009. PUNTA GORDA. by Josephine Spencer. [Excerpt]

An exciting addition to Turtle Crossing Plaza is a new business, Sandman Books; quality used books at affordable prices, jointly owned by Heidi Lange and Scott Hill.

The story of Heidi's life is really the love of reading and books. She went to Hillsdale, a liberal arts college, as did Scott, where she pursued an economics major, but soon found herself selling books and managing her own bookstore. Then, she turned to selling books on line, and of course had to store the books somewhere. A garage stacked with 6,000 books gives one some idea of the problems. 

Heidi sold books online for five years. Then she and Scott found Turtle Crossing Plaza, and the corner unit. Scott built all the shelving and put in the flooring. THe result is magnificent; if you love reaidng and books you will, of course visit Sandman, but even if reading is not your favorite pasttime, you really must visit Sandman to look at the shelving, it is akin to an architectural model library. 

Sandman Books owners Heidi Lange and Scott Hill take a break from painting. Sandman Books Punta Gorda Florida Bookstore Local Tourism Tourist Vacation Bookshop Library Sell New Used Books Tourist

The books on the shelves cover all categories; she has made sure all the basics are covered. There are sections for guys filled with boating books and informational books on cars and do-it-yourself manuals, as well as a children's corner with kid-sized armchairs and appropriate books within reach. 

At 2 p.m. Saturday's is Children's Hour, when children listen to stories read to them by Heidi or by her sister, Harmony Lange. Heidi is inviting teenagers to volunteer to take part in children's hour and read to the group; call 941-505-1624 if you are interested.

A young boy reads The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman. Sandman Books Punta Gorda Florida Bookstore Local Tourism Tourist Vacation Bookshop Library Sell New Used Books Tourist

Sandman Books carries general fiction, mystery, westerns, and romance and has a large selection of books in German; Heidi will also take special orders and promises to find anything that is out there. The location for this bookshop is great, with the Allegro Bistor's inviting armchairs near-by. Do visit sandmanbooks.com for more details about this exciting new business. Heidi also has a fun side-line; she makes costumes such as capes and other cool outfits for plays and make believe. Ask her about them.  

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