Local Bookstore Goes Viral

April 13, 2018. Charlotte Sun Herald.                                              << Back to News Archive

Local artist and business owner Scott Hill gained national attention when an article about his unique Book Bridge went viral online. Charlotte County residents love to visit Sandman - it's the largest independent bookshop in SW Florida. With over 100,000 books, a wildly popular children's story-time event, and a resident cat, the store presents a truly unique experience for any visitor. But its most amazing feature is a massive art installation: the Book Bridge, a 247 square foot wall made entirely of recycled books. Scott built the impressive structure in 2013, using more than 4,000 "up-cycled" books (these titles were on their way to recycling when he "rescued" them). Spend a few minutes in the store and you'll likely overhear another patron marveling at the magic which seems to hold the columns suspended in midair. (Don't worry - it's totally safe. The support structure is cleverly hidden under the spines of the books.) Building this one of a kind piece took over a month of full-time work. Scott did have some assistance from his wife, Heidi: "I sorted the books so he could decide how he wanted to use them - he wouldn't let me actually touch the project," she laughs. The meticulous work of this unique "book artist" certainly speaks for itself. Travelers from near and far visit daily just to touch and photograph the sculpture. Join them today!