Really Really Really Ridiculously Good Book Sale

  • Posted on: 11 December 2022
  • By: Sandman

Moving, Unexpectedly. 

With three weeks' notice, we have to pack up our entire bookstore to clear the way for repairs to the building. 

What does that mean for readers? 

HUGE DISCOUNTS. We do NOT want to put things in storage if we can help it - and we've marked everything down to encourage you guys to buy it so we don't have to store it. Also, our fixtures and furniture and art is all for sale right now too - so if you have a favorite chair, now's the time to ask about buying it! 

Hours are a little crazy, but I'm keeping the Facebook event calendar very up to date, so that's your best bet if you want to check the schedule. 

What does it mean for Sandman? 

It means we're a bit frazzled, and we don't *quite* have our customer service skills online like normal. Thank you for being patient with us right now - we're working incredibly long hours and it's stressful. We appreciate you guys A LOT and you have all been so kind to us during this nonsense. Please know that even if we seem a bit scattered, we are really grateful! 

How does this affect the webstore? 

Keep shopping! Our webstore operates independently of the brick and mortar inventory, and in fact the orders on the website REALLY help us out right now. 

What about in-store special orders? 

They're safe! All the special orders have already been pulled from the building (I was worried about them during the storm so I stashed them in my office at home for safekeeping). I'm doing my best to email everyone and get the orders distributed quickly, but even if you can't pick your order up right now, it will still be here for you and we can co-ordinate pickup later as well. (Just like during covid...) 

Do we need help moving?

YES. If you're interested in helping us pack up, print out a Volunteer Application and send me an email so I can let you know what days we're working (you can help as little or as much as you want, no time commitment required). 

What's the time frame? 

ASAP. In terms of moving forward / reopening, I will give you updates as soon as we have them, I promise! 

Is there more to this story? 

Yes. I don't have the time this week to give you the whole rundown (because I'm, you know, moving a bookshop), but the SECOND that I have time, I will type it out and give you guys all the gory details. Thanks for being patient - trust me, the story is worth the wait. 

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