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Warhammer FAQThe 5 Pillars of Warhammer

MAY 25, 2022. PUNTA GORDA. by Heidi.                                           

Warhammer is a tabletop war game designed for two or more players (it's not a computer game; you play at a table with your friends). It's also a grimdark book series. It's also a line of miniature models, which you can paint to your own taste (or leave undecorated). The entire thing is set in a fictional postapocalypic universe 40,000 years in our future...


Florida Historical NovelsFlorida Historical Novels

MAY 20, 2022. PUNTA GORDA. by Heidi.                                           

8 books to try if you loved A Land Remembered...


CookbooksCook-Books for Book Lovers

MAY 13, 2022. PUNTA GORDA. by Heidi.                                           

One of my favorite things about working in a bookshop is that I can enjoy seeing, handling, and admiring a great number of books I would never meet otherwise...


Bridgerton7 Bright Romantic Fantasies

MAY 5, 2022. PUNTA GORDA. by Heidi.                                           

Suddenly, everyone is interested in Regency romance again! It’s no mystery that Bridgerton captured our imaginations with its lush sets, opulent costumes, and lavish soundtrack. The film adaptation of Julia Quinn’s romance series hit just the right note, and we’re hungry for more...


FloridaFlorida's Fabulous Field Guides

MAY 3, 2022. PUNTA GORDA. by Heidi.                                           

This is one of my favorite natural history series! The vibrant, detailed illustrations really bring the flora and fauna of the Sunshine state to life - and the series includes oft-overlooked topics like...


Rare BookIndependent Bookstore Day

APR 30, 2022. PUNTA GORDA. by Heidi.                                           

If you're visiting our brick and mortar shop today ask about indie bookstore day specials, including BOGO romance, free shirts and more...


Rare BookDark Victorian Fantasy Reading List

APR 29, 2022. PUNTA GORDA. by Heidi.                                           

One of the hardest questions to answer (for me) is when someone requests "a book like the Night Circus." Here are some other Victorian novels which evoke a similar Dark Fantasy aesthetic...


Rare BookRare Book Thursdays

APR 28, 2022. PUNTA GORDA. by Heidi.                                           

Today we're taking a close-up look at the second oldest book on our shelves: a Dutch bible from 1730.


Night Circus Themed BallgownsNight Circus Ball Gowns

APR 27, 2022. PUNTA GORDA. by Heidi (Chimera Costumes).                                           

In 2018, Morgan Katsarelas and I made a pair of costumes inspired by the Night Circus and its dark Victorian fantasy aesthetic.


Book Corset worn by Amber at Sandman Books WeddingBook themed clothing inspired by Art Sculpture

APR 26, 2022. PUNTA GORDA. by Heidi (Chimera Costumes).                                           

This week I made a custom corset with Amber, who dearly loves The Hobbit. What do you wear when books are life? A corset covered in books of course...


Book Arch How-to Instructions for Wedding, Engagement and Senior PhotosHow-To Build A Wedding Book Arch

APR 10, 2022. PUNTA GORDA. by Scott.                                           

Detailed instructions for building a book arch reminicent of an old roman aquaduct complete with photos...