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Sandman is still "Best of Charlotte" (May 11, 2023)

"We’re of the ilk that the more bookstores there are in our community, the better. That’s why it was heartbreaking to see Sandman suffer the fury of Hurricane Ian. It has been a haven for cosplay fans, children’s readings, one of the biggest inventories in all of South Florida, the famous book arch — not to mention delightful owners Heidi Lange and Scott Hill. While Sandman is still available online, we can only hope for its physical return soon."


Ian neither first nor last to ravage Sandman Books by Sue Wade (January 3, 2023)

Sandman Books Punta Gorda Florida 2022 Sue Wade Sandman Books Punta Gorda Florida 2022 Sue Wade Sandman Books Punta Gorda Florida 2022 Sue Wade Sandman Books Punta Gorda Florida 2022 Sue Wade

Sandman Books' Roof Collapses Again by Samantha Johns (December 30, 2022)

After being deemed safe, the roof that fell on the owner of Sandman Books, giving him a concussion, collapsed again.

Damaged by Ian, Sandman Books' roof collapses on owner by Samantha Johns (December 27, 2022)

A bookstore owner was sent to the hospital after the roof collapsed on him in Charlotte County.

Explore this whimsical bookstore in Punta Gorda by Caitlin Wilson (2022)

Finding a good book inside this shop isn’t hard to do. It’s really choosing one out of all the mysteries, dramas, and adventures that can be the real challenge, especially when you love to read and just hold a good book as much as Heidi Lange...

Sandman Books Punta Gorda Florida 2022

The 5 C's of Bookstore Success by Sue Wade (2021)

Character and characters. Punta Gorda's whimsical and magical Sandman Books, named after author Neil Gaiman's fantasy comic-book series, has plenty of both. A silver dragon slithers across one bookshelf, a light-up fairy princess hovers over another.

Sandman Books Punta Gorda Florida 2021 Sue Wade

Featured on Yelp! instagram (2021)

Sandman Books Punta Gorda Florida Yelp

Books Offer An Escape to Our Paradise (2020)

There is nothing like a good book during these humid summer days. They provide some comfort and help to take our minds off the negative news. Even if it’s just for a short time, an afternoon with a good book can mentally transport you to another place and inspire you to plan for future vacations. 

Spooky Book Arch 2016 by David Sussman

Local Bookstores Turn the Page on Covid-19 by Patrick Obley (2020)

With curbside shopping, local delivery, online sales, jigsaw puzzles, and more, booksellers have demonstrated their ability to multitask.

Sandman Books 2020

Bookstores Need Cats by Liz Hardaway (2020)

Participating in a literary tradition that goes back to ancient Egypt, Kitty Wan Kenobi is the guardian of a collection of over 100,000 books.

Photo by Liz Hardaway Sun News 2020

Sandman is "Harbor's Hottest" (2020)

Awards are stacking up for this local favorite!


Local Author Book Signings (2020)

Bigfoot Stories with Andrew Smith | A View from the Borderline by Charles Souby | Love Stories of Punta Gorda by Evie Alexander | Naked Came the Florida Man by Tim Dorsey


Meet The Artist: Bookish Ballgowns with Morgan Katsarelas (2020)

When a young artist combines her love of books with her creative eye and a lot of hard work, the result is amazing...


These Walls Can Talk by Sam Burnley (2020)

Master photographer and Punta Gorda resident, David Sussman, in conjunction with Sandman Books, has begun a monthly discussion called PhotoTalk.


A Visit from the Grinch (2019)

Sisters Heidi, Heather & Harmony with The Grinch (who made an appearance for Sandman Storytime this year). 


Punta Gorda Ghost Stories with Evie Alexander (2019)

Local historian Evie Alexander brings her spooky tales to Sandman. 


Fairy Tale Teller at Sandman (2019)

The adventure begins at 10:30 a.m. Saturday, Sept. 7, when Sandman Storytime is offered at the new location of Sandman Books, 5240 Duncan Road, Punta Gorda. The event is led by The Fairy Tale Teller (aka director Doug Coventry). Meet heroes, fairies, princesses and more from your favorite literature.

Douglas COventry, the Fairy Tale Teller, reads to children at Sandman Books

A New Chapter for Sandman by Sue Wade (2019)

Sandman Books has moved into a big new location at 5240 Duncan Road in Punta Gorda — closer to downtown and I-75.

Photo by Sue Wade Sun News 2019

Sandman Storytime Returns (2019)

Southwest Florida’s largest independent bookshop, Sandman Books, has relocated to 5240 Duncan Road, Punta Gorda, and will continue its fabled Storytime. Sandman Books’ resident cat, Kitty-Wan Kenobi, presides over a vast inventory of new and used books. Among the more than 5,400 square feet and 158,000 books, you’ll find original art from local artists, rare books, autographed books and many other gifts. The new location hosts a variety of monthly events including Story Time with interactive costumed characters, live music, meet the author days, special sales and a book exchange. The bookshop is also available for private events (weddings, book clubs, etc.) after hours.


Sussman and the Sandman by Bob Massey (2019)

Once upon a time, there was a talented photographer... 

Sandman is "Harbor's Hottest" (2019)

Charlotte Harbor readers still love Sandman Books.


Bookshop Lecture Series: "Florida History - A Travel Guide" with DL Havlin (2019)


Tim Dorsey Book Signing (2019)

The bestselling author visits Sandman to autograph copies of, No Sunscreen for the Dead, the latest in his beloved "Serge Storms" series.


Only In Your State (2018)

Local Business Goes Viral (2018)

Local artist and business owner Scott Hill gained national attention when an article about his unique Book Bridge went viral online. 

Sandman wins Christmas Parade (2018)

The Sandman Storytime characters joined the Punta Gorda holiday parade for the second year in a row - and went home with a Best In Show trophy! Members of the parade group included Scott Hill (as Doctor Strange), Heidi Lange (as Wonder Woman), Morgan Katsarelas (as the Snow Queen), Narrisa Pannell, and several other members of the troupe. 


Sandman is Still the Best Place to Be A Bookstore Cat (2018)


Local Author Book Signings (2018)

Flamin' Florida with DL Havlin | Claire's Last Secret by Marty Ambrose | The Pope of Palm Beach by Tim Dorsey

Sandman Sandman

Sandman is "Harbor's Hottest" (2018)

Another Harbor Style award for Sandman! 


Sandman Storytime visits the Morning Blend (2017)

Douglas Coventry (Theatre Kids, Fort Myers) and Heidi Lange (Sandman Books, Punta Gorda) show off their Sandman Storytime costumes on Fox 4: 

Storytime with Theatre Kids (2017)

Douglas Coventry, director of Theatre Kids in Fort Myers, performs an amazing show during Sandman Storytime:

Storytime in a TV Studio (2017)

Douglas Coventry and Sandman's fairytale characters take the show on the road and visit the TV studio in costume:

Storytime Under the Sea (2017)

Mermaids from Sandman Storytime make an appearance on the news with Douglas Coventry (Theatre Kids, Fort Myers):

Independent Bookstores Still Thriving in Southwest Florida by Jenna Buzzacco-Foerster (2017)


Sandman wins award in Holiday Parade (2017)


Sandman is Harbor's Hottest (2017)

The hottest places in Charlotte Harbor include the amazing bookshop.


Sandman is Best Place to Be A Bookstore Cat (2017)

Bookshop cat and ghost chaser, Kitty-Wan Kenobi, is living the high life. Since 2009, he has been the cat-in-residence at Punta Gorda's very own Sandmna Books. Southwest Florida's largest independent bookshop as over 100,000 volumes for clever cats to peruse - or ignore. (It wouldn't do to be too predictable, after all.) His prominent position guarantees a steady stream of humans to pet and worship him, reliable meals and even includes veterinary care. (Not many cats can say they have a job with benefits.) Whare are the job duties of a cat-in-residence? Kitty-Wan is responsible for greeting bibliophiles (when he feels like it). He keeps the bookshop free of lizards and ghosts. He posts for photos that will be posted on his Facebook page, and he naps at least 18 hours a day. Experts agree: Sandman Books is the best place to be a Bookstore Cat. 


Local Author Book Signings (2017)

Revolutionary Florida with DL Havlin | Florida, the Forgotten Years with DL Havlin | Come Home by Patricia Gussin | Clownfish Blues by Tim Dorsey

Sandman Sandman

Princesses Gather at Sandman (2016)

11/30/2016. Fairy princesses gathered around a lone pirate who read the story Santa Is Coming to Florida at Sandman Books in Punta Gorda on Saturday.


Shop Locally for Travel Reads by Christy Feinberg (2016)


Princesses "Bake a Book" (2016)

Dozens of little princesses were on their best behavior as director Douglas Coventry read while soothing harp music played in the background. 

Cinderella at the Bookstore

Princesses Visit Sandman (2016)

Sandman Storytime...

Princesses Visit Sandman Books

Sandman is "Harbor's Hottest" (2016)


Fairy Princesses Return to Sandman (2016)


Best Castle to Meet A Princess (2016)

Since 2006, the award-winning, independently (and locally) owned Sandman Books has dazzled patrons with a vast inventory of new and used books — as well as an art gallery, vinyl records, original art, gifts, music, movies, puzzles, games, toys, TY beanie babies, journals, stationery, periodicals and magazines, greeting cards, Punta Gorda t-shirts, comic books, graphic novels, rare books and many other curiosities. Kids and adults alike enjoy Sandman’s monthly “Fairy Princess Storytime.” Enjoy a read-aloud story with Theatre Kids (a children’s theater company based in Fort Myers) and meet your favorite fairy tale princess. Past guests include Beauty, Cinderella, the Fairy Godmother, Tinkerbell, Brave, Maid Marian and Duchess the Cat. Check their calendar to find out who’s coming to Storytime next!


Sandman Storytime (September 2017)


Sandman Storytime (June 2017)


Sandman Storytime (April 2017)


Sandman Storytime (March 2017)


Sandman Storytime (February 2017)

Fairy Princess Storytime with special guest Harmony the Harpist


Princesses Visit Bookstore for Sandman Storytime (January 2017)


Princesses Visit Bookstore for Sandman Storytime (November 2016)


Family Friendly Activity at Sandman Books (2016)

Family-friendly costumed players visit Sandman, in Punta Gorda, for an interactive story time event. Heroes and Princesses pose for pictures with the kids. Stopy by and meet your favorite characters from the workld of literature: Princess ANastasia, Cinderella's Fairy Godmother... and many more! The adventure begins at 11:30am on November 26. Afterwards, there will be an orderly lineup for photos, so every guest can have a chance to talk to his or her favorite character. Cameras are welcome (remember to tag us when you post!). Guests of all ages may wear costumes if they want to. This event is FREE. 


Sandman Storytime (Halloween 2016)

the Dognapper, the Sea Witch, the Wicked Witch of the West, Medusa, the Queen of Hearts, Maleficent and Poison Ivy 


Sandman Storytime (October 2016)


Tinker Belle runs late - as usual - to visit children (2016)

Tinkerbelle at Sandman Storytime

Sandman Storytime (August 2016)


Sandman Storytime (June 2016)


Sandman Storytime (April 2016)

Beauty, the Fairy Godmother, and Tinkerbelle


Sandman Storytime (March 2016)

Beauty, Cinderella, and the Fairy Godmother


Sandman Storytime (February 2016)

Beauty, Cinderella, the Bravest Princess, and Tinkerbelle


Self-Published by Evan Williams (2016)

Indie writers and booksellers get more respect in this DIY culture, but also face a market flooded with new authors.


Tim Dorsey Book Signing (2016)


Other 2016 Book Signings

Moments by Amy Van Atta Slater | The Sanibel Sunset Detective by Ron Base 

Princesses Visit Bookstore for Sandman Storytime (2015)

Cinderella and Beauty visit the bookshop on Halloween.


Book Arch Named "Best Trash To Treasure" (2015)


Events Key to Local Bookstore Success (2015)

Sandman Books News Article Punta Gorda

Tim Dorsey Book Signing (2015)


Bookshop Lecture Series: "Florida's Role in WWII" with DL Havlin (2015)


Other 2015 Author Visits

RJ Coons 4/9/2015 | You Had To Be There by Gene Gorman | The Madwoman of Bethlehem by Rosine Mailloux | The Popping Cork Murder by Mitch Grant

New Book Club Attracts Readers, Writers (2014)


Sandman is "Best of Charlotte" (2014)


Local Authors Share Work at Book Signing by Betsy Williams (2014)


Sandman Awarded "Best Book Bridge" (2014)

OK, some of us are going to date ourselves and our musical proclivities, but the name of this book store reminds us of a certain head-banging Metallica song that's now continually looping inside our heads. Independent, locally owned and in business since 2006, Sandman offers pletny of happily-ever-after and fairy-tal ending reads among its inventory of 100,000 new and used books, vinyl records (including Metallica, we bet) plus original art, gifts, costumes, Punta Gorda-centric tees, games, toys, and puzzles. Oh yeah, the Bridge of Knowledge is a permanent arched art installation created from recycled books. Sandman also hosts book signings and children's reading horus and its mascot cat has the coolest name ever: Kitty-Wan Kenobi


Sandman Celebrates Local Authors by Betsy Williams (2014)

Florida writers at Sandman Books...

New Book Club attracts readers, writers (11/16/2014)

Local writers, and a young aspiring one, come together Saturday - Florida Bookstore Day - at the monthly open house for authors at Sandman Books. 


Local authors share their work at book signing (2014)

by Betsy Williams

Tim Dorsey Book Signing (2014)


Writing Opportunites Abound in Punta Gorda (2014)


Other 2014 Author Visits

Diane Gilbert Madsen 11/15/2014 | Carole Stevens Bibisi 4/18/2014 | Ron Base 2/8/2014 | Lisa Black 2/1/2014 | Sharon Buchbinder 1/25/2014

Aurelio Voltaire Book Launch (2013)


Sandman Awarded "Best Book Nook" (2013)


Time to Turn the Page by Barbara Bean-Mellinger (2013)

Kitty-Wan Kenobi slinks thorugh Sandman Books with the understated pride of ownership only a cat can posess. 


Tim Dorsey Book Signing (2013)


Real House Pets of SW Florida features Kitty-Wan Kenobi (2013)

Sandman Books...

Sandman Books in Punta Gorda 2013

Daryl Healey Book Signing (2013)

On Oct 26, Florida writer Daryl J Healey signed copies of his books, "Kirsten," a young adult novel, and "A Shiver at Midnight," a spooky story anthology, at Sandman Books. Here, he poses for a photo with the store's resident cat, Kitty Wan Kenobi

Sandman Books

Carole Stevens Bibisi Book Signing (2013)

Sandman Books held a special book signing that was geared to young readers on October 12. Author and illustrator Carole Stevens Bibisi was on hand to read and sign her new book "Tails of American Bronte." 



Turtle Crossing Plaza: A Destination in the Making (2013)

Sandman Books

Lisa Black Book Signing (2013)


Bookshop Lecture Series: "Florida's Wildlife - Past, Present & Future" with Charles Sobczak (2013)


Other 2013 Book Signings

Dieter Phillipi 3/23/2013 | Laura Nonemaker 3/9/2013 | DL Havlin 3/2/2013 | KG Dowling 2/23/2013 | Shannon Danford 2/16/2013

Book Bazaar offers fun with a literary spin (2012)

Sandman Books hosts a reading festival on November 17th: entertainment includes live jazz from Les DaCosta, celtic dance from American Contra Dance, and a car show from the Veteran Car Club of America. 


County's Largest Book Festival Set for November 17th at Sandman Books (2012)

The largest book festival in Charlotte County takes place at Sandman Books, with music, dance, storytelling, literary lectures and classic cars. The big red bus from Florida’s Blood Centers will also an appearance to allow bibliophiles to donate blood.


The World of Printed Books Grows by Evan Williams (2012)

Sandman Books...


Vernon Peeples Book Signing (2012)

Sandman Books...


Sandman is "Best of Charlotte "(2012)


Bookshop Lecture Series: "The Nature of Southwest Florida" with Charles Sobczak


Other 2012 Book Signings

Thomas Goodrich 12/8/2012 | Robert Friedman 12/7/2012 | Chet Scire 11/3/2012 | Jayne J. Jones and Alicia M. Long 11/2/2012 | Daryl Healey 10/27/2012 | Jac Simenson 10/26/2012 | Mike Hirsh 10/20/2012 | Chrisanna Harrington 10/19/2012 | Don Landy 10/13/2012 | Clarissa Thomasson 10/12/2012 | S J Nieusma 10/6/2012 | Barbara Brunner 10/5/2012 | Jenna Steffel 9/29/2012 | Elaine Myers 9/21/2012 | Debra Tolar 9/15/2012 | Sharon Buchbinder 9/1/2012 | Michael Boccia 4/28/2012 | Sharon Sapp 4/21/2012 | Dennis Wesley Clark 4/14/2012 | Mark James 3/31/2012 | Daryl Healey 3/18/2012 | Jan Edwards 2/11/2012 | Mark James 1/14/2012

Avid Readers Welcomed at Sandman (2011)


2011 Book Signings

Joseph Giattini 12/10/2011 | Mark James 11/26/2011 | Elaine Myers 11/22/2011 | DL Havlin 11/5/2011 | Tony Gillen 2/21/2011


A Haven for Avid Readers by Louise Nelson (2010)

Sandman Books...


Revisiting the shops on Burnt Store Road by Josephine Spencer (2010)

Sandman Books...


A Day Trip to Sandman by Josephine Spencer (2009)

An exciting addition to Turtle Crossing Plaza is a new business, Sandman Books; quality used books at affordable prices, jointly owned by Heidi Lange and Scott Hill.

Sandman Books in Punta Gorda 2009

Sandman is "Best of Charlotte" (2021)

Sandman Books Best of Charlotte County 2021 Award